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Item No: FE-0072

Material: PP plastic, high polymeric compound


1.The Frosty Bowl cooling pet bowl provides your pet with a constant reservoir of cool, clean water.

2.The Frosty Bowl keeps your pets water cold and fresh for several hours.

3.It’s non-toxic gel core freezes in 2 hours and lasts longer than ice.

4.Simply freeze it, insert into base and fill.

5.The bowl is compact and chew resistant with a slide-proof base.


Take the green core out, put it into freezing chamber for 1~2 hours. And then add water or food,

it will keep water/food cool for 4~6 hours.


bottom diameter=19cm, total height=6cm, bowl mouth diameter=17cm, bowl depth=5.3cm.

Quick Cooling Dog Bowl Pet Frosty Bowls Puppy Cat Ice Feeding Container Fresh

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