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You can daub shampoo, shower and massage for your pet just by one hand! 

Flexible massage pins are suitable for all hair.

This multifunctional shower integrates massage, shower and shampoo together. 

It's more convenient to resolve the shampoo and clean the skin thoroughly.

No matter in the garden or bathroom, as long as there is a place you can tap.


Material: Plastic + stainless steel

Color: Blue, Pink

Size: bathing palm 11 * 8cm (L * W)

Water Pipe: about 125cm, diameter 14mm

Then water at the thread diameter: about 19.16mm


First, the hose connection and want to take the water bathing interface connection, do not forget the products included in the black ring connection, or the connection might be leaking phenomenon.

Second, remove the bath liquid outlet cover, unscrew the bath liquid outlet valve, the bath was slowly added, the specific amount determined according to the characteristics and size of your dog's bath gel amount.

Third, with the thumb control key and the key to open water, with the middle finger to control bath gel pressed key.

Fourth, turn on the tap, the water bath pressing keys, you can use.


Packing list:

1 pcs Pet Shower Nozzle

Multifunctional Pet Shower Nozzle Massage Dog Artifact Bath Nozzle Bath Brush

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