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• Material: Superfine fiber (super absorbent)

• Dimensions (L x W): 140 x 70 cm (55.1 x 27.6 in)

• Weight: 220 grams




Key features:

• 1.4 meters long and 0.7 meters wide, it's very comfortable to use, can absorb the moisture up to 70% of moisture

• Super thick towel made with 400 grams of fabric, much higher than other pet towels

• Strong water imbibition, bibulous rate is four times that of ordinary towel

• The ultra-fine fibers feel comfortable

• Wide range of uses, can be used to take a bath, dry hair, sports, pets, home cleaning, and baby showers

DOGIBILA 140*70cm Super-sized microfiber strong absorbing water bath pet towel

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