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1. Material: wooden + stainless steel double-bowl

2. Specification(approx.): size of rectangular table stainless steel double-bowl: 36.5 * 17.5 * 8cm / 14.37 * 6.89 * 3.15in, diameter of stainless steel bowl: 14.3cm / 5.63in, height: 3.7cm / 1.46in

3. Exquisite outline design with smooth lines, dense seams and fine workmanship.

4. Polishing surface without burr or damage to hands and pets. 

5. Stainless steel double-bowl design, one for food and another for water placement, which is easy to clean.

6. Overall height: 8cm / 3.15in, to facilitate pet to eat, avoid unconvenient eating caused by too low utensils, but also can effectively prevent bacteria and food from moisture and so on.


Packing List: 


1 * rectangular table stainless steel double-bowl


Dog Bowl Wooden Stainless Steel Dogs Cat Food Water Dish Feeder Raised Stand

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