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Material: Plastic PP 
Body color: White 
Project: Pet Fountain 
Type: Fountain 
Water capacity: 1.6 liters (54 ounces) 
Overall size: approx. L19cmxW19cmxH16cm/ 7.48x7.48x6.30in 
Input voltage: AC 220V/50Hz, AC120 V/60Hz (power outlet, power outlet) 
Output voltage: AC 12V 
Power consumption: 2W 
Pump: AC pump 
Cable length: 1.8m (pump) 
Packing size: L22 x W19 x H12 cm/8.66 x7.48 x4.72in 
Quantity: 1PC 
Suitable for: small and medium-sized dogs or cats 
Type:(1) Green  EU Plug 
     (2) Green  Us Plug 
     (3) Blue   EU Plug 
     (4) Blue   Us Plug 
     (5) Orange EU Plug 
     (6) Orange Us Plug 


1.6L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Electric Mute Water Feeder Dog Pet Drinker Bow

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